Debut album on its way!

In September, IKI spent three exciting days in Thomas Vang’s studio in Vanløse, singing from morning to evening. As you already know, IKI never sings the same piece twice, so it was an intense musical and psychological experience having to reinvent ourselves for hours in a row, day after day. We ended up with 64 pieces making up 8,5 hours of music. Woah. It was almost equally intense listening through the material to decide what we wanted to put on the record! There was a lot of golden treasures, but also some genuine crap, and a lot of interesting mood swings resulting in some crazy and beautiful soundscapes, we can’t wait for you to hear it!

Today, I sat a whole day with Bjørn Gjessing, playing with and getting the material from our recording session ready for mixing. Most of the improvisations are left untouched, flaws and all, real IKI style. But since we are fans of contrast and variation, we’ve also been experimenting with different editing techniques. We’ve gotten really jaw-dropping results by simply putting one track on top of another – for example one very tense and fragmented outburst paired with a calm and meditative choir-like piece. Other than that we’ve made new compositions by moving parts around, adding and subtracting voices. All of this will be more closely described in the CD booklet, along with the story behind each piece.

You’re gonna love it!


Singers in the rain

Thursday in last week we had an amazing experience, joining forces with ten fantastic dancers for a performance at Jægersborggade in Copenhagen.

We started in various windows and basements, improvising through song and dance, and then moved slowly up the street. Thanks to all of you who came, even though the rain was pouring down. But we think everyone would agree that it only added to the great atmosphere.

More photos, video and info about the performance can be found here:

Love and happiness,