Fall is here, IKI is going into our 3rd year, and we’re still going strong!

The last few months have been filled with so many exciting things. We joined Distortion Festival for the Live Mixtape Royal (check out pictures on our facebook) where we played with, among others, Midnight Magic. It was a blast!

In August we went into the studio with Jørgen Leth, and made a beautiful track to Grevens.Fejde’s poetry+music album. We had an amazing time with Jørgen and we look forward to hopefully working with him again in the future.

And now we have two concerts coming up. First there’s “Musik for de sultende”, “Music for the hungry”, a charity concert for the hunger crisis in East Africa (read more here). And on Saturday we’re dressing up as pirates for RockPiraten at The Rock in Copenhagen (link). So if you’re in the area bring your parrot and join the party!

Peace and Love,