Yesterday we got an email from one of our Finnish friends, Samu, who had been to our concert in Iceland this summer, in Fríkirkjan. And he had recorded our final song and put it up on youtube.

The song in question was one of those that we all had quite a strong memory of, but that we thought we’d never get to hear, so it was such a delight to actually be able to see it and hear it. So thank you, Samu!

Our next gig is at the Bothanical Garden in Copenhagen, on the 12th of October, as a part of the Culture Night. We play at about 20:30 in the palm house. The theme of this year’s “Kulturnat” in the Garden is Light Festival, and what could be better when the nights are getting longer and colder? You can read more about it here.

And last, but not least: There were some before & after the talk shots taken at TEDxCopenhagen, by Johanne Fick. They’re quite beautiful and you can see them all here or have a sneakpeak down below.

Until next time, love from us,
Guro // IKI