We’re back from a much needed vacation, and IKI is soon getting back in business.

In some exciting news we’re 16 people short of breaking the magical 1000 fans barriere on facebook, so if you’ve got facebook and have forgotten to be our friend this is your chance! Just find us on facebook at facebook.com/ikivocal and click on “like”. And that’s not all – you see, there’s a contest involved. We’ve decided to give away 10 copies of our debut album to 10 lucky fans when we hit 1000 likes. So spread the word and share our site – maybe it’s you we pick!


Soon we’re hitting the road for a little mini tour down to Fyn (or Funen in English, according to Wikipedia)! We’re playing at Humble Musikefterskole on the 17/09 and Ollerup Efterskole on the 18/09. Tickets to the Ollerup concert can be bought here. Are we excited? Oh yes. Should you be as well? Yes!

Until next time,