IKI meets Trentemøller

Two days ago we had the great pleasure of interpreting Trentemøller’s music at Store VEGA, as a part of him recieving “DJBFA’s Honorary Prize” at DJBFA’s 40th Anniversary. It’s been a blast all the way through, from the rehearsal period to the performance itself, all the way to the party afterwards. Who knew, IKI and Trentemøller is a surprisingly good match.

Next up is Kulturnatten in Copenhagen, on the 11th of October, where we’re returning to the Botanical Garden. The theme of the evening is “The Enchanted Garden”, so we promise you an enchanted evening, in the IKI sense of the word. Hope to see you there!


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Store VEGA and Fyn – a week in the IKI life

It’s a busy time in IKI land at the moment! Last week we went on a mini tour to Fyn, where we played at Musikefterskolen i Humble and at Ollerup Efterskole. It was an incredible experience, that at some point ended up with thirty efterskole students making their own 2 1/2 hour long free impro vocal jam. And it sounded really good! And Fyn also treated us well, with beautiful fall weather and lovely people all around.

We’ve got some pictures up on the gallery, so check them out!

Next up is another really exciting event. We’re playing at Store VEGA on the 25th of September for DJBFA’s 40th Anniversary! So we’ve gone into practice mode and are looking forward to a great night on Wednesday! Exciting? Yes!


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IKI Workshops

Workshop m vokalgruppen IKI-1

On the 27th and 28th of September we’re, for the first time, holding IKI workshops! There will be three different ones, one for children form 8-12 years old, one for adults and one for teenagers.

Do you want to sing with us and experience free improvisation for yourself? If so you can read more here.

Hope to see you there!

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