A week ago we had our very first Germany experience and we had a blast!

The entire trip started at 5:20 in the morning at Copenhagen Airport, where we also met up with the guys from our very own Johanna’s band. Safe to say, there was a lot of coffee involved. From there we took the train through beautiful Germany and ended up in Greifswald, where we played @ Nordischer Klang Festival in the old theatre in town. We were happy to be joined on stage by the amazing singer Anni Elif Egecioglu (from Elifantree) from Sweden. This is the first concert IKI’s had where we represented all the Nordic countries – perfect for the Nordischer Klang Festival! And the audience was easily one of the greatest we’ve ever had. Engaged, listening and open.

After Greifswald we went to Berlin, where Kamilla has been living ’till recently, so we had a personal tour guide to show as all the nice places to eat, shop and hang out. We probably ate enough Asian cuisine to last us a year. We stayed in the beautiful house of the Icelandic ambassador, which was a pleasure all the way through. Considering how close we feel to Iceland it felt a little bit like home. We also saw some of Berlin’s jazzy nightlife, since our trip ended up overlapping the XJazz Festival. A few of us caught the Icelandic band ADHD’s concert on Thursday, and loved every second of it.

Thursday we made some spontaneous music videos in different urban settings in Berlin and had a small photo shoot, we can’t wait to see and show you the result! We can reveal that […]