IKI goes to BeNeLux

We’re one concert and one day away from finishing up our little BeNeLux trip, and we’re sure, without a doubt, that BeNeLux is a great place for an IKIer to be. So many inspiring cities, so many nice people, such an amazing atmosphere to be a part of!

And of course, it’s been a pleasure traveling around with our new favorite group of guys, The KutiMangoes (you should check them out, they’re great).

We started out in Utrecht, playing at Cloud Nine in TivoliVredenburg, where we also got an iron and ironing board backstage. It doesn’t take much to win our hearts.

We continued on to Brussels the next day, playing at Belgium’s old radio house, Flagey, in Studio 1. It’s one of the most beautiful scenes we’ve played on, with an audience who were truly present all the way through.

Yesterday we spent the day in Rotterdam, having the day off after doing a workshop at our own Johanna’s old conservatory, Codarts. It’s always fun to share vocal improvisation with other singers. You always find a new point of view that you haven’t thought of before. We also managed to catch a show with our co-Danish Delight-ers, The Cabin Project and Kira Skov.

Right now we’re backstage at the venue De Oosterpoort in Groningen waiting for sound checking. We’re looking forward to the last show of the tour, especially because we’re having a special guest singing with us.

Until next time
Love from IKI

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Summer, festivals and LAVA

It’s been a while since we wrote in our diary, and a lot has happened since!

We’ve had a fantastic summer where we performed nothing less that six times during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2014. It was very exiting and enjoyably intense, and a great way of getting in good stage-shape. 🙂

We had the opportunity of working with some great people: The saxophone player Mia Dyberg, who is one of the instrumentalists who really understands IKI’s sound and brings a new element to it. Also, we sang with the beautiful and talented folk singer Jullie Hjetland. And last but not least, we had a performance together with the danish writer Nicolaj Stochholm who just finished his collection of erotic(!) poems. It was an amazing experience to accompany his poetry, and the contrast between his and our voices worked very well, we think. So stay tuned – This cooperation is definitely going to happen again!

In august we had a lovely trip to the north of Norway (and when we say north, we mean it): Midnight sun and 10 degrees celcius! Varangerfestivalen was a blast. Not only did we get to do a workshop with young local singers and play a concert in Vadsø church, we also went sightseeing and king crab fishing in the middle of the night. With us on stage we had the norwegian singer Natalie Sandtorv, who inspired us all with her unique improvising language.

Remember some time ago, when we made a crowdfunding campaign? We finally finished the producing, mastering and and the artwork for our second album which is going to be named “Lava”.
We […]

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