Goodness gracious, so much have happened since the last time we wrote in here! The last week, in particular, has been a completely crazy one.

Not only did we go to Italy for the first time, playing a little mini-tour in the Milano-area! And not only did we finish up Danish Vibes with a huge showcase at the Mojo Club in Hamburg, in front of a great crowd of people! And not only did we record two new music videos in one week! Because most importantly of all: LAVA is finally out!!


Lava cover


We are thrilled and so happy that it’s finally released, and the whole thing was celebrated with an unforgettable concert at the beautiful Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, together with Hilmar Jensson (who also plays on the record), and with visuals by Suzy Attah Mikkelsen.

Lava has been a long time coming, but it’s been a labour of love.

You can buy it here:


Until next time,