Music by IKI and Mike Sheridan
Visuals by Suzy Attah Mikkelsen and Sölvi Dúnn Snæbjörnsson
Additional footage & editing by IKI
Masks by Damselfrau/Magnhild Kennedy

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IKI in the darkness

IKI was on DR P1 today as part of MYRKR’s “soundwalk”! We sang in a total darkness, and experienced some magical moments with the audience that was sitting around us. Darkness definitely awakens other dimensions and senses!



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IKI live, with visuals by idaogida

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Hurray! Our new music piece “Dew” is out!
We hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us. You can get the music here:
// IKI feat. Sander De Winne

Recorded in MotorMusic, Mechelen, Belgium
Mixed by Brecht Plasschaert
Mastered by Michiel Eilbracht
Coverart by Suzy Attah Mikkelsen

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First video of our new album, LAVA. Enjoy!

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IKI goes Out in the North

LAVA is one month and a week old today, and what better way to celebrate than to share a video we made the day after the release?

On the 11th of November we went with the guys from Out in the North, to beautiful Lake Bagsværd in the outskirts of Copenhagen, where we improvised this song. We hope you enjoy!

Fun fact: Every sweater in this video is owned by our reigning second hand-shopping champion, Anna. Another fun fact: Guro’s glasses are missing one arm. Anything can indeed happen.

And stay tuned. We have two more videos lined up for release in the new year. Feel free to start guessing which Lava songs will be involved!



You can buy LAVA here: http://dmeshop.dk/produkt/?pid=1122

iTunes: http://goo.gl/au7A4I
Spotify: http://goo.gl/4UOJN7
Wimp: http://goo.gl/S7eou9

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Goodness gracious, so much have happened since the last time we wrote in here! The last week, in particular, has been a completely crazy one.

Not only did we go to Italy for the first time, playing a little mini-tour in the Milano-area! And not only did we finish up Danish Vibes with a huge showcase at the Mojo Club in Hamburg, in front of a great crowd of people! And not only did we record two new music videos in one week! Because most importantly of all: LAVA is finally out!!


Lava cover


We are thrilled and so happy that it’s finally released, and the whole thing was celebrated with an unforgettable concert at the beautiful Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, together with Hilmar Jensson (who also plays on the record), and with visuals by Suzy Attah Mikkelsen.

Lava has been a long time coming, but it’s been a labour of love.

You can buy it here: http://dmeshop.dk/produkt/?pid=1122
iTunes: http://goo.gl/au7A4I
Spotify: http://goo.gl/4UOJN7
Wimp: http://goo.gl/S7eou9


Until next time,



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We’re going to Norway (and Germany)!

We’re setting a new personal record this summer, playing our northernmost concert, ever! In other words, we’re going to Vadsø in Finnmark, to play at Varangerfestivalen in August. Norway continues to be one of our favourite places to play, so we’re so excited to go back and discover the northern part!

And in other fun news the Danish Vibes website is live and the date for the Danish Vibes showcase, at Mojo in Hamburg, has been set for 13th of November.

But before that we’re going to the festival Nordischer Klang in Greifswald, DE! Our concert will be on the 7th of May. Hope to see you there!

IKI @ VossaJazz

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Danish Vibes: IKI’s going to Germany

We’ve got some exciting news here in IKI land, that we’ve been looking forward to sharing with you! IKI has been chosen to join Danish Vibes!

Danish Vibes is a joint investment from the Danish Arts Council, World Music Denmark and JazzDanmark to give four bands a launching pad to move onto the German market. We’ve wanted to focus on Germany for a long time now, so to be able to join Danish Vibes is a thrill for us. You can read more about Danish Vibes here (DK) or here (EN). We’ve already got a few things lining up, so watch this space.

It seems like this will be an international year for us. And while we wait for other news to be announced take a look at this video from one of our concerts in Iceland, which JazzDanmark posted in their article and which made this IKI-girl nostalgic.

Koncert og åben improv-aften på Metronomen!


Det prisvindende vokal ensemble, IKI, synger koncert på Metronomen, torsdag, d. 23.januar kl.21. Efter koncertens første del inviterer IKI som noget nyt publikum til selv at synge med og prøve kræfter med stemme-improvisation.

Den eneste forudsætning for at deltage er, at du har lysten til at lave lyd og synge sammen med andre. Det er op til dig selv i hvilken grad, du ønsker at deltage. Denne musikalske oplevelse kan f.ex være for dig, der har været til en IKI koncert før og har haft lyst til at synge med – eller for dig, der er nysgerrig på at lære din stemme bedre at kende og “lyde” sammen med andre uden at synge specifikke sange.

Det er lige meget, om du er amatørsanger, professionel musiker, “brummer” eller måske tror, at du ikke kan synge. Alle er velkommen, så længe vi har plads i huset! Vi kommer til at skabe musikken sammen, og denne aften påvirkes således af de mennesker, der møder op. Vi håber derfor, at DU kommer med DIN stemme.

Når IKI går på scenen er alt totalt improviseret, musikken skabes på stedet med inspiration i nuet. For IKI selv er hver enkelt koncert som en spændende rejse ind i et musikalsk “nu”, og efter en række opfordringer inviterer de altså nu publikum med til at skabe fortællingen.

Det koster kun 50 kr at være med til denne første IKI åben improv aften!
Tidspunkt: Torsdag d. 23.januar kl 21

Godthåbsvej 33
2000 Frederiksberg