Mike Sheridan (2016/2018)
IKI collaborated with producer and electronic artist Mike Sheridan, on their third album “Oracle”.
Link: HONEYCOMB – single from Oracle
Damselfrau (2017/2018)
IKI collaborated with Damselfrau (aka Magnhild Kennedy) on the visual universe around “Oracle”.
Link: IKI wearing Damselfrau’s masks
MYRKR (2016/2017)
IKI made the music for MYRKR’s soundwalks, which guides you through the darkness at night with IKI’s music in your ear.
Link: BLIND – music excerpt from the soundwalk
Arvtryk w/Åkarvinda (2016)
ARVTRYK was a performance collaboration between the two nordic vocal ensembles IKI and Åkervinda, director Liv Vesterskov and design team Maria Sloth and Katrine Hoffman.
Link: Excerpt from the performance at Inter Arts Center in Malmö Sweden, December 2016.
Trækfugle w/ Sander De Winne (2015/16)
IKI and the Belgian singer Sander De Winne came together in 2015 to create the project Trækfugle. The collaboration was featured on Sander De Winne Group’s 2016 recording “Kosmos” (W.E.R.F.), and toured in Belgium with the Jazzlab Series in spring of 2016. They also released the EP “Dew” (DME) together in 2016.
Link: Trækfugle Promo
Jørgen Leth (2011/15)
IKI collaborated with Jørgen Leth as a part of the jazz’n’poetry record «Ti». The collaboration resulted in the song «Fra Samme Tid». In 2015 they played together at VEGA as a part of the “Digte og Lyd” concert series.
Link: Fra Samme Tid
Hilmar Jensson (2014)
The Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson collaborated with IKI on their forthcoming second album, and became an essential part of the recording.
Link: Lava on Spotify and Lava on iTunes
Nicolaj Stochholm (2013/14)
Nicolaj Stochholm & IKI is a meeting between poetry and improvisation, the feminine and the masculine, the angelic and the chaotic. The poet and IKI played together at the CPH Jazz Festival 2014.
You’re Not Wrong (2013/14)
IKI & You’re Not Wrong explores the connection between the musical and the visual, letting the visual artists become the last member of IKI. You’re Not Wrong made the cover art of IKI’s 2014 album “Lava” and the visuals for their music video “Bite”.
Link: Bite feat. visuals by You’re Not Wrong
Film music in the Making (2013)
In 2013 IKI was chosen to participate in the documentary “Film Music in the Making”, working with director Johan Knattrup Jensen. The documentary was broadcasted on Danish National TV and the film festival CPH:PIX.
Link: Documentary
IKI-DADA (2010/11)
IKI and dancers from The Danish National School of Performing Arts. An exploration in improvised movement and music.
Link: Performance from Vildskud Festival 2011
Koichi Makigami (2011)
In 2011 IKI collaborated with the Japanese vocal artist Koichi Makigami on a live studio concert in The Village Recording studio.