We’ve got some exciting news here in IKI land, that we’ve been looking forward to sharing with you! IKI has been chosen to join Danish Vibes!

Danish Vibes is a joint investment from the Danish Arts Council, World Music Denmark and JazzDanmark to give four bands a launching pad to move onto the German market. We’ve wanted to focus on Germany for a long time now, so to be able to join Danish Vibes is a thrill for us. You can read more about Danish Vibes here (DK) or here (EN). We’ve already got a few things lining up, so watch this space.

It seems like this will be an international year for us. And while we wait for other news to be announced take a look at this video from one of our concerts in Iceland, which JazzDanmark posted in their article and which made this IKI-girl nostalgic.