Koncert og åben improv-aften på Metronomen!


Det prisvindende vokal ensemble, IKI, synger koncert på Metronomen, torsdag, d. 23.januar kl.21. Efter koncertens første del inviterer IKI som noget nyt publikum til selv at synge med og prøve kræfter med stemme-improvisation.

Den eneste forudsætning for at deltage er, at du har lysten til at lave lyd og synge sammen med andre. Det er op til dig selv i hvilken grad, du ønsker at deltage. Denne musikalske oplevelse kan f.ex være for dig, der har været til en IKI koncert før og har haft lyst til at synge med – eller for dig, der er nysgerrig på at lære din stemme bedre at kende og “lyde” sammen med andre uden at synge specifikke sange.

Det er lige meget, om du er amatørsanger, professionel musiker, “brummer” eller måske tror, at du ikke kan synge. Alle er velkommen, så længe vi har plads i huset! Vi kommer til at skabe musikken sammen, og denne aften påvirkes således af de mennesker, der møder op. Vi håber derfor, at DU kommer med DIN stemme.

Når IKI går på scenen er alt totalt improviseret, musikken skabes på stedet med inspiration i nuet. For IKI selv er hver enkelt koncert som en spændende rejse ind i et musikalsk “nu”, og efter en række opfordringer inviterer de altså nu publikum med til at skabe fortællingen.

Det koster kun 50 kr at være med til denne første IKI åben improv aften!
Tidspunkt: Torsdag d. 23.januar kl 21

Godthåbsvej 33
2000 Frederiksberg

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Januar Workshops – open for registration!

Open for registration is now the IKI January workshops in Copenhagen !

Info and registration here

On January 18th we welcome the new year, and invite adults to join a workshop where we’ll focus on inner balance, and let the voice, the body and the mind work together in order to let go of everyday stress and pressure. No musical experience is required.

On January 25th we invite young vocalists (from 15 and up) to join a workshop where we’ll explore the voice with it’s many facets and sounds, experiment with harmonies, rhythm and tone.

Looking much forward to see you 🙂

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Behind the IKI scenes: Fall 2013

As you may have noticed we spent September doing a lot of fun things. We went on a tour to Fyn, played at Store VEGA for DJBFA’s anniversary and did an art-talk / concert at the Blank Fobi gallery in Svendborg.

And now we’ve made a video about it, so take a peak behind the IKI curtain to see, among other things, our beautiful soundcheck dancing!

And by the way, if you’re in the Gothenburg area we’re playing at Nefertiti Jazzclub on the 30/11! You can read more about the concert here and we’re super excited!

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IKI goes workshop

September month has been packed with new events for IKI. One of them was inviting students new to the field of vocal improvisation, to participate in the IKI workshop ‘Gå på opdagelse i din stemme’ (‘Explore your voice’).

During the workshop we worked with different musical patterns and structures, harmony, rhythm, sound, musical stories and the link between the breathing body, the voice and the mind. By the end of the day the students were able to sing more freely, and through a wordless communication listening to each other, let their creativity run wild and create music pieces on the spot. We are pretty freaking proud of them! 🙂

Now the early fall shines through the windows, and we are developing new workshops. The first one will be in January 2014 – open for enrollments already in November – so stay tuned and we hope to meet you right there in the essence of the music.

On behalf of the Workshop Team
– Mette, Anna María & Sofie


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IKI meets Trentemøller

Two days ago we had the great pleasure of interpreting Trentemøller’s music at Store VEGA, as a part of him recieving “DJBFA’s Honorary Prize” at DJBFA’s 40th Anniversary. It’s been a blast all the way through, from the rehearsal period to the performance itself, all the way to the party afterwards. Who knew, IKI and Trentemøller is a surprisingly good match.

Next up is Kulturnatten in Copenhagen, on the 11th of October, where we’re returning to the Botanical Garden. The theme of the evening is “The Enchanted Garden”, so we promise you an enchanted evening, in the IKI sense of the word. Hope to see you there!


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Store VEGA and Fyn – a week in the IKI life

It’s a busy time in IKI land at the moment! Last week we went on a mini tour to Fyn, where we played at Musikefterskolen i Humble and at Ollerup Efterskole. It was an incredible experience, that at some point ended up with thirty efterskole students making their own 2 1/2 hour long free impro vocal jam. And it sounded really good! And Fyn also treated us well, with beautiful fall weather and lovely people all around.

We’ve got some pictures up on the gallery, so check them out!

Next up is another really exciting event. We’re playing at Store VEGA on the 25th of September for DJBFA’s 40th Anniversary! So we’ve gone into practice mode and are looking forward to a great night on Wednesday! Exciting? Yes!


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IKI Workshops

Workshop m vokalgruppen IKI-1

On the 27th and 28th of September we’re, for the first time, holding IKI workshops! There will be three different ones, one for children form 8-12 years old, one for adults and one for teenagers.

Do you want to sing with us and experience free improvisation for yourself? If so you can read more here.

Hope to see you there!

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Facebook contests and Fyn concerts

We’re back from a much needed vacation, and IKI is soon getting back in business.

In some exciting news we’re 16 people short of breaking the magical 1000 fans barriere on facebook, so if you’ve got facebook and have forgotten to be our friend this is your chance! Just find us on facebook at facebook.com/ikivocal and click on “like”. And that’s not all – you see, there’s a contest involved. We’ve decided to give away 10 copies of our debut album to 10 lucky fans when we hit 1000 likes. So spread the word and share our site – maybe it’s you we pick!


Soon we’re hitting the road for a little mini tour down to Fyn (or Funen in English, according to Wikipedia)! We’re playing at Humble Musikefterskole on the 17/09 and Ollerup Efterskole on the 18/09. Tickets to the Ollerup concert can be bought here. Are we excited? Oh yes. Should you be as well? Yes!

Until next time,

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Happy holidays from IKI

The summer has officially kicked in, and after an amazing week at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival we are now ready to relax and go on holiday. Thank you so much to everyone who showed up to our three concerts, it was a joy singing for you.

But of course IKI is never completely away. At the moment we are working on an exiting project together with a couple of very talented visual artists. We are looking forward to telling you more about it later this summer.

Until then, happy holidays 🙂

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IKI @ Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2013

IKI jazz

The Jazz Festival is upon us again! This year we are playing three concerts and taking you into three different worlds. Hope to see you there and check out the teaser below to get a sneak peak into the universes.

6th of July, 17:00
5E / ILK, Kødbyen

9th of July, 15:00
Caféscenen / Caféteatret, København K

12th of July, 21:00
Blågårds Koncertkirke, Nørrebro

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