Film Music in the Making

film music

About a month ago we had the great pleasure of joining forces with the film director Johan Knattrup Jensen, as a part of a project called Film Music in the Making. We spent one day improvising music over his film “Verdenssøn”, and the day was documented in the form of a documentary that will be shown at the CPH PIX festival, 17/04, at Cinemateket in Copenhagen. You can read more about the project here. The film viewing is free, so you’re all invited!

It was an amazing project to be part of, and we’re very excited to see the end result!

The documentary will also be shown on television, 23/04, 21:40 at DR K.


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A return from VossaJazz and a return to Århus

IKI @ VossaJazz

We have just returned from VossaJazz, and can only say that Norway continues to be one of our favourite places to play! We had a concert with an incredible audience, which turned the entire event into a great experience. We also had some great experiences being the audience, especially at Sidsel Endresen and Stian Westerhus’ concert. It gave us a lot of inspiration that we’re happy to bringing with us home.

Next up in IKI land we’re going to Århus on the 4th of April, to play at Studenterhuset. We haven’t been in Århus since SPOT last year, so it will be great to come back to the city and to Jutland! You can read more about the concert here, which will be together with Valby Vokalgruppe And remember to keep an eye on our concert page. There’s a lot of exciting things in store.

Until next time,

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IKI is returning to Norway

IKI has returned to action in the new year, and this spring we’re focusing all our energy into exploring new and interesting aspects of music. At the same time, since reaching our crowdfunding goal, we’ve started mixing the songs for our second record! We’re so excited about it, and can’t wait until it’s ready to be released.

In other news we are amazed that our video from Dølajazz 2010 (Lillehammer, Norway) as reached almost 8000 views! If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is! Feel free to comment and share away.

And if you haven’t heard, we’re coming to Norway again! We’re playing at Vossajazz, on the 23rd of March! Read more here.

Winter love,

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A merry christmas and a happy newyear

Today our crowdfunding campaign is over and we are thrilled to tell you that we reached our goal (at 110 % to be exact)! We are now able to get our beloved album out in the world. What an incredible christmas present!

Thank you so, so much to all of you who helped us and supported us in one way or another. And also a special thanks to

To the donaters, there will be a mail coming to you soon.

So, thank you again and happy holidays!

Love from IKI


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IKI crowdfunds their Second Journey!


Today we kick off our crowdfunding campaign for our second album, recorded this summer in Iceland! We’re looking to raise 3000 € and with your help we know we can get there!

We have plenty of extra perks as a part of it, you can buy your own personal IKI song – or how about an IKI concert in your living room? That’s certainly a Christmas present to be remembered.

The campaign is running from today until Christmas Eve, the 24th.

So go to Manymade and donate today!

Thank you for all your support.

All our love,

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IKI goes Crowdfunding!

The 1st of December we’re starting up our very own crowdfunding campaign to fund our second album! And for that occasion we’ve made a little trailer.

The campaign will take place on Manymade, so watch our website for further info once we get closer to December!

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IKI on Acid #2

A while back we made a remix track called “IKI on Acid”, and today the sequel is here!

The only thing you have to do is to pay with a tweet or a facebook status, and then the song is yours to own and love. Enjoy!

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IKI at the Candy Factory, upcoming concerts and a video

The fall has arrived in Copenhagen with full force, but that doesn’t mean IKI’s slowing down!

Yesterday we spent the evening in Bolsjefabrikken (Candy Factory), playing for a wonderful crowd of people, together with Tanya Davis (see her beautiful video How To Be Alone here) and Sam Saylor (who does a fantastic version of Spice Girl’s Wannabe!). It was a genuine pleasure to be there.

This Saturday, 11/10, we’re playing at the Impra Festival in Huset i Magstræde in CPH, at 21:00. And on the 24th of November we’re playing at Danish Music Award Jazz (link) at Jazzhouse! Naturally we had a blast at the DMA last year (oh, the memories) and we’re really looking forward to coming back this year, this time as performers.

And to finish of things our TEDxCPH performance is now online on youtube. So lean back and enjoy!

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A little youtube surprise from Iceland

Yesterday we got an email from one of our Finnish friends, Samu, who had been to our concert in Iceland this summer, in Fríkirkjan. And he had recorded our final song and put it up on youtube.

The song in question was one of those that we all had quite a strong memory of, but that we thought we’d never get to hear, so it was such a delight to actually be able to see it and hear it. So thank you, Samu!

Our next gig is at the Bothanical Garden in Copenhagen, on the 12th of October, as a part of the Culture Night. We play at about 20:30 in the palm house. The theme of this year’s “Kulturnat” in the Garden is Light Festival, and what could be better when the nights are getting longer and colder? You can read more about it here.

And last, but not least: There were some before & after the talk shots taken at TEDxCopenhagen, by Johanne Fick. They’re quite beautiful and you can see them all here or have a sneakpeak down below.

Until next time, love from us,
Guro // IKI

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What a week it has been, and yet it only just started.

Yesterday we performed at TEDxCopenhagen, being a part of a line-up of truly inspirational people who love what they’re doing. It was so much fun getting to sing for an audience who listened with every little piece of themselves. Thank you to the speakers and to the team behind the conference!

And if you haven’t heard about TED before take a look at the video below, because it is great.

(Fun fact: The lovely Louise From, who animated our music video Quisanadolele, also made the illustrations for TEDxCopenhagen!)

Next up we’re playing at the Bothanical Gardens in Copenhagen on the 12th of October, for “Kulturnatten”. Hope to see you there!

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