Time flies when you’re having fun

It’s been a while, but so much has happened the last few months that this IKI girl needed a month just to digest it all!

First off, we have a few concerts coming up. Go on our concert section to see them all! But on the 04/09 we’re playing at Trinitatis Natkirke as a part of the Golden Days Festival (read more), where we will improvise over Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. IKI and Alice in Wonderland? Sounds like a mix made in heaven!

But of course the biggest thing we’ve done lately was our Iceland trip, where we recorded what will become IKI’s second album. It was an intense and truly inspiring experience. To be surrounded by the Icelandic nature gave so many new and exciting ideas and we are really looking forward to the day when we can share it with you! A big thank you to Hilmar Jensson and the people in the Sunlaugin Studio.

And as a final thing, on the 6th of July we played a great concert in Vor Frue Kirke with Dodebum, and he has put a few of the songs up on Soundcloud! Enjoy!

Love from Copenhagen,

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Iceland – here we come!

We have had a really amazing last week at Copenhagen Jazz Festival where we did 3 exiting concerts. Thank you so much Dodebum and Hell for great musical cooperations and thanks to everybody who came and listened, we really appreciate it.

Tomorrow, the 18th of july IKI is leaving for our second trip to Iceland. We got so inspired from the beautiful nature on our last trip two years ago, that we decided to go there and record our next album. We couldn’t be more exited!!!

Besides recording the album we are very happy to be singing one exclusive concert on the 23rd of july in Fríkirkjan in Reykjavik.
Stay tuned for pictures from the Iceland adventure and further information about the album here on our webside.

And here at last a picture from a concert on our last Iceland trip which took place in a swimming pool.


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The Elephant Song – A little back story

It’s very seldom that we manage to surprise each other with new strange sounds these days. We’ve played together for two and a half year now and we’ve explored so many different things that we’ve pretty much heard it all. Which is why it was even more exhilirating and surprising when Mari suddenly turned into, what this IKI would call, a trumpet-playing elephant.

The silence you hear at 1:28 is genuine stunned surprise. I actually, for a split second, started wondering where the trumpet played had hid (no, seriously, I did). And when we asked her afterwards why she never had used the sound before with IKI she replied: “I had forgotten I knew it!”. That’s my favourite thing about IKI. Everytime you think you have explored every little nook and cranny something new always pops up.

Anna María’s beautiful, Icelandic solo is also a hilarious example of what I like to call the “Foreign Languages are Exotic and Beautiful” effect. Because we were convinced that her lyrics were deep and soulful, and told about the majestic animal that is the elephant. In reality, or so I’ve been told, the lyrics goes something like this: “Big, fat elephant – please, don’t step on me.” That is my favourite kind of IKI song. Surprising, hilarious and beautiful.

Love from the summer in Copenhagen,

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SPOT Festival and Sweden – an IKI mini tour

It’s been two weeks since we went to Helsingborg and to SPOT Festival, but it feels like it is just now we have landed. What an experience! We met so many wonderful people, played three amazing concerts, and I’m pretty sure that our audience at the SPOT Festival was one of the best crowds we’ve ever played for. It was a blast!

Nothing But Hope and Passion
Review: Be warned: this could change your way of thinking about music, because it stands for another philosophy of music.
Interview: We talked about vocal-improvisation, the human voice, the philosophy behind their music, about children who would like to join their concerts and a lot more. A very enlightening conversation that broadened our minds and surely will broaden yours, too.

Fokus Knack
Review: The absolute revelation of the festival. (Article in Dutch)

Århus Stiftstidende
Image Gallery: Photos taken by Simon Mikkelsen.

And if you’re now thinking: “Oh, I wish I was there”, well, you’re in luck! Because each week up until the Copenhagen Jazz Festival starts we will post a new video from our concerts. So go to our YouTube channel and enjoy!

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We’ve had so much amazing feedback after the release of the Quisanadolele music video! Thank you to every single one of you. This IKI girl’s favourite quote has got to be: “It’s like Bobby McFerrin meets David Lynch in Finland”.

And to save it all for posterity here’s a little list of some places the video has been mentioned lately:
I DO ART, written by our very own animator, Louise From
Nordic By Nature, “Ok, IKI seem pretty nuts, but that’s something we normally like.”
Tabberaset, “Enligt Froms hemsida vill de göra fler samarbeten och det hoppas man verkligen på!”
PG Special Agent, “It’s a wonderful and funny animation film”
ArtRebels, “‘Quisanadolele’ is a quirky journey captured in an intriguing mix of drawings and animation.”

And if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?

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Quisanadolele – Our new music video is out!

Art by Stine Hvid. Animation by Louise From.

Supported by the Danish Arts Council.

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SPOT Festival and Music Video

It’s official, this year IKI is playing at SPOT Festival! We’re super excited and hope to see you in Århus, the 5th of May!

In other news our first music video is just days from being released. There will a countdown over at our facebook, in the days following up to it. We saw it for the first time yesterday and the general consensus was: “It just keeps getting better each time we see it!”. Our artist and animator, Stine Hvid and Louise From, have done an amazing job. We couldn’t be more happy about it! What does insects and birch trees have to do with IKI? Well, you’re about to find out!

A shout-out to the Danish Arts Council who has supported the video.

And while you’re waiting why not rediscover this beautiful video from our trip to Lillehammer and Dølajazz?

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Back in IKI business

After a well-deserved Christmas break we’re back in business!

We started it all with a magical concert with our friends in HELL in Trinitatis Natkirke. We did one set, they did one set and then we did one together. It was truly inspirational and exciting to be a part of. There are pictures up here.

We’ve also had some great rehearsals and last week this gem of a song appeared. Enjoy!

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IKI wins Danish Music Award!

Saturday, 05/11, we won a Danish Music Award for Best Vocal Jazz Release of the Year! We’re so happy and proud, and would like to send a warm thank you and lots of love to all of you who have been there for us through the making of the record. Wow, we’re still pinching ourselves!

Naturally we’ve talked to a lot of people lately, so here are a few links from the last days:
Interview, DR P8 Jazz, 31/10 (IKI @ 09:58)
Berlingske, 05/11
Kvöldfréttir, RÚV, 06/11 (IKI @ 12:20)
Morgunblaðið – mbl.is, 05/11
Vísir, 03/11

Find more on our Press page.

And last, but not least: a photo of seven ecstatic IKI girls and our award!

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Live Recording with Koichi Makigami

This Sunday, 06/11, IKI has the great pleasure of doing a live recording with famous Japanese vocal improviser Koichi Makigami, Søren Kjærgaard on piano (DK) and Torben Snekkestad on sax (NO)!

The place is The Village Recording, Skalbakken 15, Vanløse, the time is 19:00.

It’s going to be an exciting and extraordinary experience and we hope you will be there to share it with us!

And here’s a video of Koichi Makigami – a little preview of what you might experience on Sunday!

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