Saturday, 05/11, we won a Danish Music Award for Best Vocal Jazz Release of the Year! We’re so happy and proud, and would like to send a warm thank you and lots of love to all of you who have been there for us through the making of the record. Wow, we’re still pinching ourselves!

Naturally we’ve talked to a lot of people lately, so here are a few links from the last days:
Interview, DR P8 Jazz, 31/10 (IKI @ 09:58)
Berlingske, 05/11
Kvöldfréttir, RÚV, 06/11 (IKI @ 12:20)
Morgunblaðið –, 05/11
Vísir, 03/11

Find more on our Press page.

And last, but not least: a photo of seven ecstatic IKI girls and our award!