Would you like to experience free vocal improvisation for yourself, are you interested in creating a different and creative day for your employees, or would you like your choir or students to experience the art of composing music on the spot?

The IKI workshop is an invitation into a musical universe, where you can explore your voice through vocal improvisation. It is a universe where your own creativity is the limit of where the music can take us. You will learn tools on how to create music on the spot in interaction with other people.

IKI offers workshops in the field of free vocal improvisation for both amateurs and professionals.
Each workshop has a certain focus eg:

  • how to connect the mind, the body and the voice through musical expressions
  • what tools to use in the field of vocal improvisation
  • how to optimize musical flow and creativity
  • how to combine individuality with collaborations and interaction with others
  • how to be present in the music and trust your instinctive musical ideas
  • how to lift the musical communication to a higher level

Customized workshops:
If you would like for IKI to work with specific musical themes or cover certain areas, we also offers customized workshops.
Please contact info@ikivocal.com with any request.
We teach workshops in Danish, English, Finnish and Norwegian!



Workshop testimonials:
«This weekend I had the pleasure of witnessing a fantastic process, when three singers from IKI, made a terrific workshop for the students of Stormstrøms Talent Academy for Rhythmic and Folk Music. In the beginning it was a challenge for most of the students just to sing, but with great empathy and confidence the three IKIs succeeded in inspiring all of the students to give themselves to improvisation. Imagine if every young person could get an experience like that!»
– Alexander Kraglund, musician and coordinator for Storstrøms Talent Academy for Rhythmic and Folk Music

«A warm thank you. I can feel that after the workshop there has been a change in my energy, as if it’s been set free. It means a lot to get a place to sing, make sounds and be acknowledged for it.»
– A former student and workshop participant

«It was extremely educational, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been that concentrated and involved with something. A really great workshop, very exciting. Sofie and Anna are very competent teachers, which I feel creates an open and comfortable environment, where the workshop participants can relax and let go – which has to be the ultimate condition in order to learn something. The way we worked with body, voice and improvisation has given me a lot of energy and courage to try out similar things myself. In the time after I’ve clearly felt that I’ve had an eyeopener for what you can do with your own voice, and how much you can create together with other voices – entirely improvised.»
– Lea Preisler, former workshop participant